Natilonal Marionette Theater

Natilonal Marionette Theater1

Marionette theatre (puppet theatre) enjoys a long tradition in popular entertainment in Prague and around the Czech Republic. The master puppeteers' creations are true gems of artistic craftsmanship.
The National Marionette Theatre presents the finest puppet shows in Prague. Other theatres have sprung up, but to experience the original, book your place at this quaint little theatre.
Performances include puppet versions of Mozart's famous "opera of operas", Don Giovanni, and the enchanting story of the Magic Flute. Both are extraordinary productions, employing very tall puppets clothed in period costumes, set against 18th century stage sets.
Another notable performance is the Puppet Gala Performance, a lively mix of the puppeteers' finest works.
In Marionette Theatre the story is recounted visually, with little or no spoken words. This makes the shows ideal for an international audience, of both adults and children.
The National Marionette Theatre is located one minute walk from the Old Town Square.
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National Marionette Theatre

Natilonal Marionette Theater2

Natilonal Marionette Theater4  


Address of National Marionette Theatre:
Zatecka 1
Old Town, Prague 1
Czech Republic

Public transport to get to National Marionette Theatre
Metro: Staromestska (line A)
Tram stop: Staromestska (trams 17, 18, 53)


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